Korean University Students Demand Accountability in Election Scandal- VIDEO

대학생들-민주주의 유린한 국정원 폐지하고 박근혜는 하야하라 기습시위후 연행

Students call for an investigation into election tampering by the National Intelligence Service and former director Won Sei-Hoon, who is indicated on charges of ordering a smear campaign against opposition candidates in last year’s election. Many are disappointed in the Park administration’s lack of a strong stance against the allegations and in maintaining non-involvement in the issue. According to The Hankyoreh, one Saenuri official has been quoted as saying:

“Principle, trust, and following the law are supposed to be President Park’s trademark. Now that the prosecutors have finished their investigation, the President has a responsibility to follow the Constitution and national law by apologizing to the public for the NIS’s misdeeds and taking steps to make sure such things don’t happen again. It is irresponsible for her and the Blue to play dumb on such a major incident.”

Cover photo courtesy of The Hankyoreh online newspaper


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