A Samsung Contractor Commits Suicide In Protest Over Get-Tough Labor Control

The ultimate sacrifice. The death of Choi Jeong-Beom is testament to the maltreatment experienced by many workers in some of Korea’s most successful companies. The struggle for improved working conditions and labor rights continues in the name of people who gave the ultimate sacrifice -their lives- and for those who continue to struggle every day for their livelihoods.

Stop Samsung - No More Deaths!

The supply chain of Samsung Electronics is shrouded in a series of avoidable deaths as two electronics repairmen died within about 30 days apart, after the world’s largest technology company stepped up pressure on its after-sale network in a move to crush an ongoing unionization drive and to retain its chokehold on labor discipline.

Choi Jong-beom, a repairman, was found dead in his car on Oct. 31.  He died of carbon monoxide poisoning as evidenced by consumed charcoals found in the vehicle. Choi was a contractor for Samsung TSP, an after-sale service provider of Samsung Electronics Service, the wholly owned unit of Samsung Electronics.  The following is the suicide notes that the 31-year-old worker texted to his co-workers and union leaders:

This is Choi Jong-beom.  Please capture [the screenshot] of this text message [for me]. It’s been excruciating for me to work at Samsung Electronics Service.  It’s pained me…

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