Crying former Ssangyong Motors workers … Court ruled in favor of 153 laid-off workers

Korean labor movement gains victory with Supreme Court ruling


Disclaimer: The following is a totally personal translation of an article appeared in The Kyunghyang Shinmun on Feb. 7, 2014, reporting a court ruling invalidating the 2009 mass layoff by Ssangyong Motors which claimed 24 lives and caused ever-reverberating social conundrums in Korea since. If upheld in Supreme Court, it will pave the way that those laid-off workers can go back to the company which has showed solid performance recently. All rights regarding this post stay with the author(s) of the original article or with The Kyunghyang Shinmun and this post will be scrapped immediately at their request. In the post, I tried to match the English translation of names of people / institution(s) / position(s) to authentic one(s) as much as possible but, unfortunately, some of them still can be different. Original article of this post (in Korean) can be found in previous link.

By Hong-doo Park, Soon-jae Kwon…

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