Here you can find further reading on the movements and issues we explore. Please check often as new resources are added each month. Just click on the links to view or download the files.

Environment and Agriculture

Anders Riel Muller, South Korea’s Global Food Ambitions: Rural Farming and Land Grabs, Conducive Magazine, Feb/Mar 2011

Anders Riel Muller, South Korea Part 1: Food is Key to National Identity…but Farmers are left out. March 2011

Anders Riel Muller, South Korea Part 2: Modernization and Global Ambitions, April 2011

Anuradha Mittal, Losing the Farm: How Corporate Globalization Pushes Millions off Land and Into Desperation; The Multinational Monitor, July/August 2003, 24(7/8)

Byeong-Seon Yoon, Won-Kyu Song, Hae-Jin Lee; The Struggle for Food Sovereignty in South Korea Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine; May 2013

Christine Ahn and Albie Miles, Free Trade Kills Korean Farmers, Foreign Policy in Focus, February 2011

Deborah James, Food Insecurity, Farming, and the WTO and CAFTA

Do-Wan Ku, The Emergence of Ecological Alternative Movement in Korea Korean Social Science Journal,  2009, 36(2)

John Feffer, The Legacy of Lee Kyung Hae

Korean History Info, The Tonghak Rebellion 1894

Cover of "Politics Of Democratization In ...

Cover via Amazon


Chong-Min Park and Doh Chull Shin Do Asian Values Deter Popular Support for Democracy in South Korea? Asian Survey, May/June 2006, 46(3): pp. 341-361

Jung Hae-Gu and Kim Ho-Ki Development of Democratization Movement in South Korea

Korea Democracy Foundation, History of the Democratization Movement in Korea; 2010

Korea Democracy Foundation, Election and Civil Society; 2012

Rob Prey, Visions of Democracy: The Communication and Transformation of Revolutionary Ideologies in South Korea  Global Media Journal,  2004, 3(4)

Sunhyuk Kim, The Politics of Democratization in Korea: The Role of Civil Society University of Pittsburgh Press, 2000


George Katsiaficas, Neoliberalism and the Gwangju Uprising

George Katsiaficas, U.S Involvement in the Gwangju Uprising (presentation)

Tim Shorrock, Debacle in Kwangju: Were Washington’s cables read as a green light for the 1980 Korean massacre? The Nation, December 9, 1996

Tim Shorrock, Stirrings of Resistance- an Interview with Kim Dae-Jung; The Progressive, February 1986

Tim Shorrock, The Lasting Significance of GwangjuForeign Policy in Focus, June 1, 2010

Intercountry Adoption

Anders Riel Muller; Adoptee Justice is About Social Justice. The Korea Times, October 2012


Michel Chossudovsky; The IMF-Korea Bailout Third World Network, 1997

Militarism, Colonialism and Unification

June 15 Declaration

Mortuza Khaled Aspects of Colonialism in Asia: A Comparative Study of the Japanese in Korea and the British in India, Proceedings of the 1st World Congress of Korean Studies, Embracing Other: the Interaction of Korean and Foreign Cultures, Seoul: The Academy of Korean Studies, 2002, pp 157-170

October 4 Declaration

Park Seong-Won, The Present and Future of Americanization in South Korea Journal of Futures Studies, August 2009, 14(1): pp. 51-66

Timeline: Korea’s Experience of Imperialism: 1872-1953

William J. Moon, The Pillars of American Imperialism: Rationalizing U.S. Cold War Involvement in the Republic of Korea, Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal. 2007, 2(1)

North Korea/Peace

International Symposium on Concluding a Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula,  July 2013

Korea Policy Institute. The Case for a Peace Treaty to End the Korean War, May 2009


Hagen Koo. Korean Workers: The Culture and Politics of Class Formation: Cornell University Press. (2001)

Mira Lee, Howard Waitzkin, Heroic Struggle of Samsung Workers in Korea, International Journal for Occupational and Environmental Health, 2012, 18(2): pp. 89-91

Namhee Park, Korean Women Workers’ Activism, Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, vol. 18 pp. 491-498

Practical Law: Employment and employee benefits in South Korea: overview

Young-su Won; South Korea: Ssangyong workers occupy plant, win partial victory — Class war in midst of economic crisis; Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal, August 2009



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