Great International Peace March- Jeju to Mainland

Pre-celebrations will start at 7 PM on July 3rd with rallies in front of City Hall on Jeju Island. The next day at 10 AM, a press conference at Gangjeong Village will launch the peace march. Following the conference will be the march from Gangjeong Village, the site of an anti-Naval base construction struggle, to the Historical Site of the April 3rd Jeju Uprising.  On the 5th, the march will split into two contingents, one continuing toward the southeastern tip and the other toward the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula. From the east and west, both of these contingents will converge on the 6th at Jiri Mountain, a historic site of guerilla resistance. The two West and East contingents will march separately visiting major cities (such as Jinju, Gwangju, Ulsan, Pohang, Daegu, Cheonan) and sites of struggle in South Korea while participating in rallies, cultural, and peace promotion events and activities. The two contingents will then converge on the 18th on Yeongdong and march together to Nogunri, a historic site of a devastating massacre during the Korean War. They will then march towards Seoul visiting sites of struggle, such as Pyeongtaek. Finally, the march will arrive in Seoul on the 25th and will partake in celebrations and rallies throughout the city to finally conclude on the 27th. Members of the media team will join the march for two days from Jeju Island through Changwon to Jiri Mountain.

If you would like to participate in all or part of the march please register by emailing Make sure to include a brief introduction of yourself as well as indicate your gender (for lodging purposes). The costs of the march are 15,000 won (~$15) per day which include transportation, meals, and lodging.