South Korean workers fight to Stop Ssangyong Motor Worker Deaths- VIDEO

From youtube:

With extreme repressive force by the South Korean government to suppress what had been a peaceful sit-in strike asking for dialogue over alternatives to mass redundancy dismissals at Ssangyong Motor in 2009,
-some 3000 workers were pushed out of the plant by restructuring and disciplinary dismissal,
-over 100 workers imprisoned, with strike leader Han Sang Kyun still imprisoned today and
-now 22 suicides and other early deaths among the Ssangyong Motor worker and family members affected by the illegitimate mass redundancy dismissals, which the company justified by doctoring its accounting books.

Though Indian transnational corporation MAHINDRA, which has taken over Ssangyong Motor, has the power to stop a 23rd death from arising, Mahindra has made no real effort to resolve the issue of the Ssangyong Motor dismissed workers.

The Ssangyong Motor workers’ struggle continues!